Lutokor Steel-Leg

A Dwarf sailor with a soul of storms.


Wears typical sailor garb missing a leg, forged a new one out of a special dwarven metal that will last in the ocean spray. Carries a staff he carved from driftwood that is his spellcasting focus and he can wield it like a quarterstaff with terrifying precision.

Is first mate aboard the Expectorator, a ‘merchant’ vessel operating out of Geg’s Grand Landing.


As a boy, Lutokor wasn’t as taken with firm stone as his brothers and sisters. While everyone else was spending their time learning the finer points of smithing, he focused on reading every book and map he could that featured the ocean. As soon as he was of age he headed to the nearest harbor and simply walked aboard the first ship he saw. Turned out that this was a pirate vessel and he almost got gutted right there and then! However he convinced the captain with his knowledge of sailing to give him a chance and slowly proved himself over the years as a capable sailor.

On one particular night a squall sneaked up on the Expectorator and the ship was nearly destroyed in the spray. In the midst of this great tempest, Lutokor felt compelled to climb the rigging and stand atop the main mast. As the storm hit its peak a lightning strike hit him directly in the leg (which was a already metal) and shot through his body, not killing him, but embedding an immense power. The storm ended and the Expectorator once again settled into calm ocean but a great change had happened in Luto. At times he can control the storm in his body, but sometimes it erupts out of him in a raging fury that manifests in any number of forms.

Lutokor Steel-Leg

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