Tormun Stonesinger

Tauren with a love of song.


Born to his parents Tarmel and Ralish from the Stonesinger tribe, Tormun stands around 7 feet tall. A decent height for a Minotaur. His fur is a orange-red tone, with white undertones, covering his stomach, face and hands. He has light-grey horns curving down away from his face, perfect for a gore or two. On his back, adorned a guitar, shaped like an ax, with no real battle implements on it, yet. Clad in basic padded gear, nothing spectacular. It was colored a deep set of greens and purples, with a purple sash hanging from his waist. A large nose ring hung from his nostris, as well as quite a few ear piercings.


The Stonesinger tribe, a tribe of Tauren, proud in who they are as a people, are small bard tribe within the larger community of the Tauren people. Although, a horrible curse has fallen upon these people, without their own knowledge. Other tribe’s members are less trained in the arcane magics of the world, and are unable to see the fact a new “friend” of theirs- Dhamuun, a human who joined the High Chieftain circle a few years ago-has put a mass charm upon them. Being widely outnumbered and outskilled in battle, the Stonesinger’s could do nothing but sit and play as if they’ve been charmed as well.

Tormun Stonesinger, the son of the Chieftain of the Stonesingers-Tarmel Stonesinger- was told by his father, one dark night to leave. Leave, become stronger, and return to us. Tarmel gave Tormun his old guitar, his most trusted bardic spellcasting tool. Tormun escaped that night, under the invisibilty spell his father had cast to let him escape. Now he roams the world for the next challenge, ready to learn, become strong, and one day return to his people, reclaim their minds, and home.

Tormun Stonesinger

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