Tre Egwynt

A Noble with an obsession for armor.


Currently traveling with Tormun Stonesinger, the mino-bard, and looking for what he believes to be lost masters of the Armiger’s Art. He’s already found one, albeit one who had inherited little knowledge through his line, but has learned a few techniques from him.

Tre is an Armiger, one of a proud tradition of smiths who take their armor-work to the next level. He is constantly studying and practicing the smith’s art in hopes that he’ll be good enough to make armor for kings.

He is outfitted currently with a well-fitted set of armor composed of various components which can be removed/added to create essentially different sets. Able to shift his armor from Light to Heavy at a moment’s notice, and having each stage with it’s own secret components and abilities, Tre is truly a force to be reckoned with. If you ever see him without at least a little bit of metal on his person, you know something’s gone terribly wrong.

He has a master back in his hometown of Northgarde. A dwarf by the name of Glabon Stonehand. From him he learned how to speak dwarvish and how to work with metal as if it were clay. Glabon believes the idea of Armigers to be a myth, but is still proud of the boy having something to strive for.

Tre carries with him a manual of his various techniques, it is with this that he records his lessons from the masters he is trying to meet.

He has a pair of retainers, assigned to him to help with developing his future smithy. The first, Tedward Tynginton is his finance manager and personal counsel. Tedward helps him to develop his professional presence and network of suppliers about the city. He handles business while Tre is out adventuring. Second is Theo Flynn, technically his squire but he’s close to being a knight in his own right, Theo helps Tre when he asks for extra manpower and can do some simple smithing. Tre rarely asks him to come help him fight because he worries about him as if he were a little brother in need of protection.

On a more personal level, Tre, despite his family’s loyalties, pray’s to Moradin, for the success of his smithing and as a devotee of the dwarf culture. He by no means has any desire to pursue the cloth, but he does follow rites.


Ab ipso ferro — From The Same Iron — Egwynt Family Crest

Trevor Archibald Marion Egwynt (his friends call him Egg) was born to the noble family of house Egwynt. His father, Gregor, retaining lordship over the countryside. At a young age Tre was always fascinated with books, tapestries and stories of the noble knights and their shining suits of armor. Early on he decided he would become one of these great men and embedded himself in the training necessary to become a knight. At a certain age, right around when he earned his squire-ship, he also developed a love for the smithing of armor. Not merely satisfied with polishing his patron knight’s armor he also relentlessly sought ways to improve it. Whether it be by bettering the fit, or adding functional adornments, Tre never gave up in his pursuit of the best. His patron, while sometimes vexed by this constant change to his uniform, saw in Tre a dedication and persistence that serves best those who dedicate their lives to their Lord. He told him of a legend, a legend that he could pursue as a part of his knight’s errant period. This legend was one of the Armigers, masters of their craft. The stories spoke of smiths who could incorporate the very essences of the gods into their armors imbuing them with a legendary resistance and durability. It is said that a warrior wearing the armor of an Armiger would be one rendered nearly immortal.

With these dreams in mind Tre rounded out his training as a knight and began spending his nights at a local smith’s shop, learning the ins and outs of crafting armor from the most basic to the most ornate. It was on his 22nd birthday that his father gave him an unusual gift. Up to that point he had been helping his smithing master develop a beautiful but durable suit of full plate armor. The kind that might be fit for a lord into battle. It was this armor that his father presented him, along with his knighthood and a charge. He was to head to Sinas with his retainers and see about building his own smithy, one that would be in service to the rulers of the kingdom and one that would do the name of Egwynt proud. Tre knew that he could never settle for being a simple farrier or iron-worker. He wanted to be the best armorer in the land and to do that, he needed to find the Armigers of old.

Tre Egwynt

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