Rovia Kingdom

How the Rovia Kingdom came to be

Sheador and Sinas were excitable little kids. Being the son of a mayor, they too wanted to be just like dad and run their own town as well.

Once they were of age, they set off with enough people to start their own town. Together they found a perfect spot on open farm lands. As soon as someone asked them what the town would be named, the two brothers instantly began fighting.

“I’m the eldest so it should be named after me,” Sheador shouted.
“But I’m so much strong than you, so it should be named after me,” Sinas retorted.

The two quickly started a rivalry that would be like no other. Sinas decided that maybe the open farmland would leave them too exposed to attack. Sheador wouldn’t listen.

“The farm land will provide so much more food for us. And we’ll be able to see any attack for miles on end.” Sheador pleaded to his brother.
“Fine, if you won’t listen to me, then I’ll set off to build my own town.” Sinas snapped after he couldn’t take it any more.

So Sinas took as many as who would follow him, and headed northeast. After a couple of days traveling he settled on a nice location protected well in the forest with a mountain to one side. And here is where he laid his claim.

During travels, Sinas had become close to a woman by the name of Malri. A beautiful brunette with a fire in her eyes. She became lady of the land by his side.

Malri was given a mission to let Sheador know of Sinas’s success in establishing land. Trade routes were to be established between the two to grow a peaceful Kingdom between the two. Malri saw this as a perfect opportunity to push her own agenda.

She then lied to Sheador, telling him that Sinas wanted to get revenge on his brother and take his land. Sheador fell for the lie, and immediately sent troops out to claim land and prevent is brother’s attacks. Malri then went back to Sinas and told him how negotiations didn’t go well. She claimed that Sheador was furious that Sinas found his own land and wanted to take it for his own! Sinas too fell for such obvious lies. War soon broke out between the two. Much of the land between the too was scattered with small camps and forts to establish land claims.

Whilst the two were fighting, Malri reached out to the Orcs of Etegar, letting them know of the humans’ battling themselves just across the channel.

“Now is your chance! While they are distracted with themselves, you can strike and take all the land for yourself. Rich farmland, humans to work for you, and deep mines of iron! All for the taking!”
Malri crafted her words well to get those around her to do as she wanted.

Strike hard the Orcs did. Swift attack after attack, the orcs would leave nothing alive in their path. On the verge of losing everything they had worked for, the brothers held a secret meeting. They devised a plan to counter attack the predictable Orcs who always knew where battles were taking place. They would use the battle as bait to draw the orc forces out, and force them back to their home lands into Zorsht Paradise.

This victory would go down in history as the start of the Rovia Kingdom. The brothers founded a new flag that night, combing both of their colors, Red and White. They have been happily at peace ever since.

The Orcs haven’t been doing as well since. Most of their forces were wiped that day. But the humans showed compassion for their vicious attackers, once they learned who the spy was. A truce was written that day, one that still holds to this very day. The Channel Peace promised that the Humans would stay on their side of the Foaming Channel, and the Orcs would stay on theirs. Neither wanted more bloodshed then had already been spilt.

This doesn’t mean the humans and orcs like each other. No, quite the opposite is true. Some say that Orcs and Humans will always be at war with one another.

Rovia Kingdom

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